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Jerry ricci


Owner and operator of Quantum Renovations Jerry Ricci began his career in the construction sector over 25 years ago. Jerry's father, who migrated to Canada from Italy in the late 1950s, was a home builder in Regina, Saskatchewan, and frequently took Jerry along with him to work on evenings and weekends, teaching him valuable construction skills and a strong work ethic along the way.

"At 16 years of age, it did not matter what I was up to on a Friday or Saturday night, my father had me up and out of bed at 7:00 am swinging a hammer". "

Jerry continues to be committed to customer service and the high standards of workmanship that his father taught him which is now the principle mission of his new company Quantum Renovations.

"Our success is driven by our reliability, project management model, and knowledge-based approach to every project. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with detailed quotes and a project management model that works with clients to ensure projects are completed on time, on budget, and of the highest quality outcomes possible".

Jerry looks forwards to continuing to grow his business and make his customer's home and commercial renovation dreams a reality

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