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Quantum Renovations in Regina

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Welcome To Quantum Renovations In Regina

 As professional contractors, the team at Quantum Renovations in Regina takes pride in our workmanship, experience, and client relationships. We're confident that we can skillfully take on any size or type of renovation project you have - from making small updates to filing insurance claims to completing full-scale renovation projects. You'll see the quality of our work shine through in your final results!

Regina Contractors Remodeling Services

At Quantum Renovations, we have a team of experts that can help turn your kitchen and bathroom dreams into reality. Not to mention, these are usually two areas in the house where you see the most return on investment.

If you're thinking about doing some home improvements soon, consider starting with your kitchen or bathroom. Not only will it provide enhanced comfort for you and your family but it could also end up increasing the value of your home down the road.

The first step in any renovation project is a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our designers and project managers. You can reach your Regina contractors by phone to schedule an appointment or book online now.

Why Choose Us For Your Renovation Needs?

With our in-house designers, project coordinators, builders, plumbers, and even electricians--all of which are background checked and trustworthy--you can rest assured that the job will be done right.

Our team of experts has extensive industry experience and we always put the customer first by ensuring quality workmanship without cutting corners or overspending. Our services for renovations in Regina include:

Benefits Of Home Remodeling

We at Quantum Renovations know that you may have a unique reason for wanting to remodel your home. It could be something as simple as wanting to update the style or adding value to your property. Maybe you've even been dreaming of transforming your kitchen into an entertainment oasis!

Regardless of why you want to embark on this project, our team of Regina contractors is equipped with the knowledge and experience needed in order make sure it's done right and meets all of your expectations! There are several benefits that come with professional remodeling services, including:

● Improve your lifestyle
● Added comfort for you and your family
● Add monetary value to your home
● More quality time with your family
● Improved efficiency for your home energy

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What Do We Offer?

Quantum Renovations in Regina is a home construction renovation firm, that uses the latest methods in design and construction. Our unique approach offers clients an advantage over the traditional method of working with separate design individuals and building professionals. As a result, our clients benefit from a streamlined approach to their projects.​

At Quantum, our in-house team of architects, engineers, and construction crew, work alongside our hand-selected Regina contractors, creating an outstanding development team that built strong ties working together on many field projects. Quantum provides unmatched efficiency throughout each project.



“We had a very large renovation to be done, and we hired the right company. Working with Jerry Ricci was an absolute pleasure! He was very receptive to feedback, questions, and he was always willing to listen, and take a team approach to problem solving when needed. There wasn't an issue too big or small for him to tackle. Jerry has a very positive attitude and was always quick with responses and lining up his trusted and very competent trades, to get the job done. We would certainly hire Jerry and Quantum Renovations again!”

- Sam and Lynnette Farris

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do You Offer Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations at the Same Time?
    If you would like to renovate your kitchen and bathroom at the same time, we can help. Renovating both areas of your home or business at the same time is an efficient and money-saving solution. Our team of professional contractors is very experienced with kitchen and bathroom renovations in Saskatoon and the surrounding areas.
  • What to consider when doing renovations?
    If you're planning on renovating your home, here are six things you need to take into consideration. ● Warranties And Certifications. ● Budget. ● Time. ● Cleaning And Waste Removal. ● Decor And Style. ● General Safety.
  • Why are renovations so stressful?
    One of the main reasons why home renovations are so frustrating is because they tend to throw off your normal routine. Whether it's making it impossible to cook in your kitchen or forcing you to sleep in the guest room, the extra stress of being out of your usual groove can be enough to seriously increase your blood pressure. That is why a lot of people choose to work with professional contractors at Quantum Renovations in Regina to avoid those situations as much as possible.
  • What is the main purpose of renovation?
    Renovation, also called remodeling by some, is the act of fixing up or breathing new life into a structure that is damaged, outdated, or otherwise in need of improvement. Renovations in Regina can be commercial projects like office buildings or retail spaces; they can also be residential endeavors like homes, apartments, and so on. Finally, the renovation has come to embody taking something old and making it feel brand new again--this could apply to smaller things like flooring as well as physical structures like an addition to your house.


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Regina: +1 (306) 596-9971

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